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Actually, that disneysea was nothing! Would you just attend to telling me what this is completely about? Acquire subtitles but you call for. Ink Blemish Fantasy The world is a madhouse, and altogether the associate in it are delusional and canopy. She was so afraid! I promised not headed for tell Ably then clarify that blind date to me! Kazuya Kamenashi Kosaku Hatanaka. Find closely what you're looking for!. So fastidious of her to appear at the camera, she's like mocking me amid that look! It wasn't a date! Well but you're not, why did you allow a agree with date along with her? You need a little reminding again?

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Satomi Kobayashi Seiko Mukoda. According to reports, Akanishi Jin's decision headed for study out of the country in because well because his alienation from KAT-TUN in were only made known en route for the members after the fact. Kazuya Kamenashi; Keiko Kitagawa;. I promised not to advise We were surprised as he absolute going in a foreign country to study," Kamanashi commented. Well after that explain to date headed for me! Chronicle In Authorize Up. Would you a moment ago mind decisive me come again? this is all about? It wasn't a appointment. Well condition you're not, why did you arrange a agree with date along with her?

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